SOLACE Engineers was incorporated in 2014. SOLACE Engineers Inc. is a future technology engineering company. We provide engineering solutions for corporate, industrial and residential customers. We provide Renewable Energy Solutions (especially Solar Systems), Embedded System Solutions, IT & Networking Solutions, Software Solutions, eCommerce Solutions, etc. Our team consists of PEC certified Engineers having high qualification and sound experience in fields of Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, IT, Software, Engineering Management and Business Administration. We have expertise in the fields of Renewable Energy, Embedded Systems, IT and environmentally acceptable energy system designs and implementation. We are expanding our work and adding more and more solutions for you targeting various fields. We will continue to bring our costumers even more cost-effective engineering solutions, to provide them with a greater sense of comfort and stability.


The idea of SOLACE Engineers was created between Ehsan Ul Haq & a group of 3 Comsian Engineers, led by Umar Farooq, who were once class fellows and later on colleagues. This group of three engineers make up the core of SOLACE Engineers in Pakistan whereas International affairs and investments are handled by Ehsan Ul Haq. “SOLACE Engineers” was chosen as our company's name. As meaning of the firm name express our aim - to provide comfort and technology to mankind by utilizing the innovative engineering technology. To fulfill this dream, we founded SOLACE Engineers by the grace of Almighty ALLAH, and established its head office in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


“SOLACE Engineers, Enlightening your Future!” It’s not just a slogan but our vision. We are committed to make real positive changes in your everyday life style and to improve the quality of life in an affordable manner for everyone in our society, by utilizing advanced engineering innovations with our knowledge and expertise. Our mission is to provide advanced, reliable and economical engineering solutions to solve your energy problems, on sustainable basis. In the future, we plan to provide “Bio-Medical Engineering Solutions” for Hospitals. We will provide Medical Equipment as well as their repairing and maintenance services and support. We are planning to provide “Electrical Engineering Solutions” for housing societies, and mega-structures to ensure safety and efficient energy consumption through our eco-friendly, electrical engineering design technology. At present our Head-Office is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. In near future, we are planning to open our regional office in Ontario, Canada, to expand our company further into a Multi-National Company and provide our services to people and companies of others countries as well.


Have a look at Co-founders and Partners of SOLACE Engineers Inc.

Ehsan Ul Haq

Chairman & Co-Founder

Ehsan Janjua is the Chairman and co-founder of SOLACE Engineers Inc. He is Canadian national and currently working from Toronto, Canada. Ehsan Janjua is looking after the international affairs of the company business, including foreign policy decisions, international business operations and promotion, and investments from Canada.



Umar Farooq

CEO & Co-Founder

Umar Farooq is Chief Executive as well as co-founder of SOLACE Engineers Inc. He is responsible for all company operations in Pakistan including future plans, finances and technical as well as legal aspects. Umar Farooq is an Electrical Engineer from COMSATS Islamabad. He has sound knowledge and experience in Renewable Energy Sector. Umar Farooq is also CISCO Certified Network Associate and PEC Registered Engineer.